About Our Company

About Our Company

The certification process of the CERT Certificate LTD. is based on the MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17021-1:2016, the MSZ ISO/IEC TS 17021-2:2013 and the MSZ ISO/IEC TS 17021-3:2014 standards.
The co-workers of our company pay special attention for gaining and keeping the satisfaction and the trust.of our clients.

Our purpose is to offer high- quality certification service with the assistance of our well qualified auditors.

We provide quality certificatinon sevice, accepted and aknowledged by the business world.

Why to Choose Us

  • Our ouditors have about two decades of professional experinece,
  • We have outstanding competence,
  • We are committed in our commission.

We are committed for high-quality!

  • • We help to reach Your business goals!
  • • We offer good price - value relation.

The quality policy of the CERT LTD. can be found here: Quality Policy, Impartiality Statement

The data base registration number for our newsletter service is the following: NAIH-96527/2016. Our data management policy can be found at the following link: Data managemnet Policy

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Certificated Organisations:

In case you need information about the certificated organisations, please contact our collegues for help!

Phone/Fax: +3672 788 426
E-mail: info@certtanusito.hu

Our symbol:

The lion is the symbol of power witch includes the faith in the future. The lion symbols our true golals: the continous development and the leadership on the field of the market enviroment. We are determinated for recahing outstanding archivements. We focus on the powers that strenghten us in archiveing our goals.

Dignificasion: We treat our guests the same way as we would expect to treat us.

Energy and development in one symbol.